Video is by far the most impactful medium for Recruitment Marketers and Employer Brand Managers to attract and connect with candidates. It allows you to not only stand out but speak directly to candidates on the subjects that they want to hear about. 

Successful Video Compared to Text:

  • Viewed 2x as long 
  • Shared 4x as often on social media
  • Opened 8x as often in emails and InMails
  • Convert 2x the candidates on your job postings

But what makes for a successful video? What kind of content do you cover and how do you ensure that the video gets in front of the right candidates?

You Will Learn:

  • How to increase engagement – one simple trick to triple view rates
  • How to build credibility – avoid the mistake that is sabotaging you
  • How to drive applications – this change increases applications by 60%

The SparcStart platform can help you scale your recruitment marketing efforts, so you have unique and powerful videos to connect with candidates at every touchpoint. Want to learn more? Schedule a short demo to see how you can become a video superstar with the SparcStart platform.

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