Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I use Sparc, I already have employer videos on my corporate careers site?

Candidates want to know that you have a job that interests them before they research the company. Corporate videos don’t speak directly to candidates and don’t start the personal conversation that engages them. If you are reaching out to passive candidates who are not on your careers page, a link to the Sparc posting will dramatically increase your response rate and your productivity.

What if my hiring managers and colleagues don’t come across well on video?

Don’t worry, no one expects a professional production. Candidates respond to the authenticity of honest communication. Informal videos have become so commonplace that most people won’t notice a flubbed word or a hiccup. As long as the video is clear and the audio is easy to understand, it will be effective. You may want to start with your younger managers, they are more likely to be comfortable with video and will do it effortlessly.

How much work will it take to get the videos made?

All you have to do is enter the three email addresses into the Job Posting Wizard. We will take it from there. Sparc will automatically send each individual an email. The email will include some helpful do’s and don’ts, a link to some sample videos, and instructions on how to submit the video. Sparc will automatically route the video to the Approver and update your Dashboard at every step. You may need to remind them, but Sparc will do the rest for you.

Can I just post corporate videos I already have?

No, the Sparc Terms of Use require that the videos be authentic. The three videos must include the hiring manager (the individual the position reports to) and two colleagues. If the position is in a team of less than three people, the colleague videos may be co-workers that the position will interact with on a regular basis. You may not use corporate videos or videos of people not directly connected to the open position.

What if someone says something inappropriate in a video?

Every video is reviewed by someone in your organization before it is posted. You can choose who approves videos, and that person may be you. The videos are only 20 seconds long and are organized on your Approver Dashboard so it is fast and easy to review them. If you decide that a video is not appropriate, Sparc will automatically email the individual who recorded the video and give them guidance in re-recording a message that will positively engage candidates.

Should the Legal Department review all the videos?

Most organizations do not feel it is necessary for Legal to review every video, but this is a company specific decision. Employees often give recruiting talks on university campuses which are recorded, and speak in other forums without Legal oversight. In most companies, HR recruiters review the videos and if they have any questions about proprietary information or potentially discriminating comments, they ask their Legal representatives to provide guidance.

Can individual recruiters in the company have their own Dashboard for just their open requisitions?

Yes, once a company sets up an account (which takes about 5 minutes), the individual who set up the account can access the Company Dashboard and add an unlimited number of recruiters. Each recruiter can log on, post their jobs and review the status of their openings.

What happens if a recruiter leaves the company and we need to end access?

The Administrator Dashboard allows recruiters to be deleted or to reassign passwords as needed.

Can the videos be recorded on iPhones and Android phones? What about webcams?

Yes, videos can be recorded on all of these devices. Sparc accepts all formats.

How many people visit the Sparc site?

Most candidates access Sparc with their mobile devices, either smart phones or tablets. Many of them are sent a link by an in-house recruiter who has identified them as a high-potential candidate and wants to interest them in the opportunity. Most of the other traffic is generated by candidates sharing a link through social media such as Twitter and Facebook. As a relatively new site, the numbers are expanding exponentially and we expect to reach two million users shortly.